Marketing Joint Ventures – 3 Tips for Proven Results

Joint venture marketing has been around for years. However, when people first hear about joint ventures, they can’t help but think of all the money. But if you can join up with other successful businesses, yours will go far. To be successful with joint venture marketing you need to know what to do, and here are three tips to get you going.

It may seem a little over the top, but you can also form a joint venture with your viewers and subscribers. All you need to do is create a free report or an eBook that could be customized. You need to make it easy for your subscribers/visitors to insert their name and website address in this report, so that they can customize and give it away on their own. The thing that makes this so grand is that the number of partners you can have are not limited. There can be tons of people customizing your free report and then turning around and giving it to others for free. You must put your website address on every page of this free report. Besides that, you can also have a complete ad about your main product or service in the end of the report, which will promote your product virally. Even better, you can let your readers put affiliate links for your product in the report so they will make a sales commission from the report. You can also partner up with sites in your niche in order to trade testimonials or endorsements. You will actually talk to the people to see if they will review your products or services and then provide a testimony that they can post. If you do everything correctly, you can bring in lots of new traffic and people will start buying your products, and that’s exactly where you want to be. Try and get endorsed by the known experts in your niche because that will give your business the boost it needs.

Write software with another marketer that people in your target audience will find useful.

Not only can you each give this software away for free on your sites but also by submitting it to free software sites. Be sure to include information about your website within the software. Besides that, nowadays people are always looking for software programs that can automate their tasks and make things easier, so no better way then create an application that addresses their needs. All in all, joint ventures can give businesses a huge boost and they can help you progress much more quickly. However, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to respect other businesses when you’re partnering with them and also try to give them the bigger share of the pie if you can.

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