Landing Page Conversion Rate Boosters

Unless a website is non-business related, all visitors are potential conversions for the business owner, and it doesn’t matter what the desired action or response is from the visitor. But it is the performance of your landing page that determines your optins and visitors; therefore it is critical to success. So just imagine that if the conversions are terrific for your landing page, then everything on down the line will get more traffic, exposure, etc. If you would like better results from your landing pages, then we have 3 tips straight from the marketing trenches to put more converson power into your landing pages.

You take the time to create a landing page with the expectation of getting a good response from your audience. Video is a rapidly rising star for getting real results from landing pages. And this is actually helping marketers get a better conversion rate because videos are working better than text. Thanks to wide spread usage of high speed or broadband Internet, people are turning to the Internet more and more for video entertainment. With video, it is easier for you to relate to your audience and conversions are higher for video as a result. More senses are involved when watching rather than reading. In search of higher landing page conversions more marketers are beginning to include videos.

Your graphics can also be very important to conversions but tend to be less so; still you should test them because it’s all important. Your graphics need to capture attention without blinding people or making them dizzy. Your conversions will definitely increase if you use the right call to action statements, and you won’t know what’s best until you test. Another reason for call to action graphics is to minimize any extra work by the visitor. Look at your site from the perspective of a surfer who just landed on it, how does it seem to you?

Keep your content focused on your audience. In other words, you should directly show them what’s in it for them, rather than raving about your own self. To give away an ebook you simply need to show your audience what the ebook can do for them. Nobody is going to be concerned about how much time you took the write the ebook or your skills. Use the word “you” in your landing page and limit or eliminate the word “I”. Your audience needs a reason to take action, use your content to give them one. Concentrate on your audience and not on yourself. Understanding how to build an effective landing page can help you avoid omitting any important steps. The beginning requires a lot of testing to get it right but the results are worth the effort.

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