3 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is one of the most popular destinations for internet marketers and advertisers. This is mostly because of the number of people who are using and also because of the fact that there are so many ways to use this social network to your advantage. Facebook fan pages have made it easier than ever for you to build your brand and get the attention you crave. These pages are a simple way to reach out to and interact with your chosen market which helps you create a relationship with your buyers that helps you increase your business. This article will explore three ways to get as much as possible out of your Facebook fan pages.

If you have a business to run, you need to build a Facebook fan page. By not doing this, you will miss out on an amazing opportunity. This isn’t the same thing as starting your own group or simply creating a profile for your company; you need to build a fan page. Facebook fan pages were made so that commercial enterprises could have direct conversations with their target markets. Building a fan page will give you access to important data like fan demographics, page views, interactions, etc. These insights are important because they help you understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so that you can continue your success.

Make sure that your Facebook page has a good welcome tab. When you have a page that welcomes the new visitors with a simple “hello!” can bring in a warm feeling and help these people feel connected to your brand in the first instance. It also gives you the opportunity to present your call to action by asking them directly to become a fan.

This tab is also a great place to showcase any special offers you might be running that you can use as benefits for people joining your page. So basically have anything you like on this page that you think would be appropriate to welcome new fans.

Twitter has kind of fallen out of the limelight since Facebook has become so huge, but still you should use the Twitter app for FB as much as possible. You can get as many followers as possible at Twitter, and then hammer them to visit your fan page at Facebook. This is how it works: Whenever you update your status on Facebook fan page (which could be a link/photo), there will be an automatic update to your Twitter account linking back to your page on Facebook. This is a simple and effective way to funnel in the traffic from a second source back to your fan page. Naturally, all the app designers are coming out with this one, but we really do believe this one works better than the others. As soon as someone clicks on the link in Twitter that leads to your fan page, they’ll be able to become a fan.

In conclusion, this article will show you that your Facebook fan page can take you a while to build but once its built it can really help you grow your business.

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